Who is behind the Fessenden Family Project?

My name is Father Joseph Fessenden. I am a priest in the Diocese of Nashville in Tennessee. I grew up in Florida, and, prior to entering the seminary, I spent a decade in computers, technology, and web design.

I thought of this project after I received a few comments on my personal blog from other Fessendens either expressing their familiarity with Edwin Allan Fessenden’s book or hoping to find a copy. I finally decided that it could be pretty cool to finally do something I’d been wanting to do on my own for years, but was now possible working as a team.

Sadly, my available time (and what I perceived as a blasé response) had me set the project on the back burner. I would like to make the idea a reality, still, though, and I look forward to a final product as I get the time and/or assistance to do that.

The History of the Fessenden Family in America