What is the Fessenden Family Project?

Almost 50 years ago, Edwin Allan Fessenden completed and published The Fessenden Family in America, a well researched and thorough history of the Fessenden Family since we arrived in the United States in 1635 until his time in the mid-1960s — over 300 years of Fessendens!

With the digital age, I thought it would be pretty cool to make it possible to search, map, and update the family tree using one of the family tree building software packages out there. So, that’s what we are going to do here.

In the end, there will be two things available on this site:

  1. The family tree since our arrival in America with all the branches I can find with all the information in Edwin Allan Fessenden’s book (assuming I can figure out how to get permission to do that from whatever family member now owns the rights).
  2. This blog, which will both update people on the project and, if there is interest in such a thing, give us the chance to share news from the furthest reaches of the family.

Help and Support the Project

I expect to need a lot of help to make this project come to fruition, and very little of it is about money. Edwin Allan Fessenden did a lot of solo work because he had to. With all of the communication options and resources at our disposal, I hope we can enlist help from lots of Fessendens to make this a reality.

To see the ways you can help with the project, click here.

The History of the Fessenden Family in America