Ways to Help and Support the Project

Here are all the ways you can support the project. If you have another idea that you think could be useful, by all means, fill out the comment form and send it along.

Let’s get this out of the way. You can offer some minimal financial support by filling out the form here. This is perhaps the least importance in the scope of what we are trying to do; at the moment, everything I am doing is nearly free. Nothing else in this list will be asking you for money. Instead, I hope to take advantage of the plethora of skills and trades that I’m sure are represented throughout the Fessendens to make this happen.

  • Help enter data from The Fessenden Family in America into the family tree.
  • Provide updates including marriages, new generations, pictures, etc., of your branch of the family.
  • Help manage the site’s backend in Amazon (at least at the moment), WordPress and the TNG application (the genealogy application on the backend).
  • Offer some accounting or legal advice and help so we can get the best advantage for all we do here. (I am hoping that the scope of this project – thousands of people if not over a million Fessendens by now – will make it eligible to be a Non-Profit with the IRS.)
  • If you have other ideas of how you can help, enter your information and idea below. I’m sure there are other awesome things that could be done that haven’t even crossed my mind.

If you want to volunteer to help out, please fill out this form, and I will contact you. Nothing in this will be shared anywhere. This form is merely to contact me to talk about helping with the project.

The History of the Fessenden Family in America