Donate to the Fessenden Family Project

Thank you for considering donating to this project.

At the moment, it is costing me nothing, so any funds you donate will simply (after the fee that PayPal takes out) go to the charity of your choice. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to make it so your donation will be tax deductible. If there are any accountants in the family who want to help me set that up, I’m all ears.

Here’s how this donation approach I thought up works.

I have no intention of making money off of this venture. It’s purely a labor of love to share the content of The Fessenden Family in America, update that content with the last 50ish years, and make it searchable on the internet.

Your donations will be handled this way:

  1. Until a Fessenden with the legal and accounting knowledge to help me make the project a 501(c)(3) non-profit comes along, your donations will not be tax deductible.
  2. PayPal will get their cut – I have no intention of making money, but I don’t have the funds or know-how to make this work without allowing PayPal to take their cut.
  3. I will pay the actual costs associated with running this project. I will not take any salary or personal income from it at all. The money that is taken in will go directly to web-hosting/storage/etc. (presently Amazon Web Services) and scanning the original book or documents that I may receive as part of this.
  4. Any funds I collect in a year that exceed my actual expenditure will be donated to the charity you select when you donate. A list of the charities with web links is below.
  5. The only exception will be if you choose “ Data Entry” from that list. These funds will be used simply to pay outsourced data entry to speed up entering all the data from The Fessenden Family in America. Once that is complete, I will remove that option because I do not foresee any long-term data entry tasks that would be necessary beyond that first big chunk.

How much money goes to each charity?

That’s going to depend on votes for each. The total available funds will be split up based on donors’ desires. For each dollar donated, you get one vote. The final tally of those votes will control the percentage donated to each organization.

The Charity List

One more note

When you donate, you will see the payment going to All Positive Consulting. That is temporary. The company is simply the name under which I used to do consulting and web design. Until the project can be incorporated and (hopefully) made a non-profit, I didn’t want to go through the time and trouble of creating a PayPal with unique email addresses for the project. Rest assured that the funds will be entirely used as I outlined above. I will happily make a full accounting of the money in and out of the project available to any donor (at least my best attempt at organizing such information). Hopefully, a Fessenden with accounting experience will come along before the project reaches a size that would require any complexity in those statements to prepare them since I really have no clue how to properly format and prepare such a thing.

Donate Excess Money To

The History of the Fessenden Family in America