I need copyright information

This is my first official plea for help as part of the project. I have a pdf copy of The Fessenden Family in America, and I have converted it into html format in Adobe. The problem is I don’t know how to contact the direct family members of Edwin Allan Fessenden (or his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Fessenden Washburn, who actually published the book) to get permission to make it available on the website. If someone in the family out there can get me in touch with the right people, we can make the book readily available. As soon as I get permission, I’ll put it on the project site here as both a PDF and html to make it easily accessible to the whole family.


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  1. I believe I have contact information for Elizabeth’s niece. That is with whom she lived at the end of her life. It is possible that it is in a file in central NY. So it may be a while before I can motivate a family member to look based on my recollection of the proper file.

    1. Hi. I have copies of the Fessenden family in America. Volume 1 and 2. Written by Edwin Allen Fessenden.

    2. My name is Orval Fessenden. I am the son of Benjamin Edward Fessenden. He was borned in 1916, died in 1992. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was horned there. I have also been looking for a copy of the book. I was hoping to find more of family. Please send me the contact info, if you do not mind. Thanks.

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